eBulletin — Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017


  • St. Matthew’s Calendar and Events
  • Please keep in your prayers …
  • Out of the Cold Shelter – Current needs
  • If you missed last Sunday
  • Meeting Schedule
  • In the Community

St. Matthew’s Calendar and Events

Thu. Feb. 16                – Bible Study in the parlour, noon

Sat. Feb. 18                 – Women’s Breakfast at Smitty’s, Spring Garden Road, 8:30 am

Sun. Feb. 26                 – Pancake Lunch, after church (for Shrove Tuesday)

– Quarterly meetings of Kirk Session, Stewards, Official Board


Choirs Practice on Thursdays – Handbells 6 pm, Church Choir 7:30 pm

Daytime Bible Study  – Thursdays, noon–1 pm (Just turn up, and enter by the glass doors)

Third Tuesday – St. Matthew’s Book Club, 2 pm

Lunch Bunch Choir – Fridays at 12:15 pm

Sunday Free Breakfast  – Sundays 8:30 am (If you are interested in joining a Breakfast Team, please email Carol Smillie at carolsmillie@hfx.eastlink.ca)

Please keep in your prayers …

Helga and Bob Mills, mourning the death of Helga’s brother in Ontario.

Out of the Cold Shelter – current needs

The Out of the Cold Shelter maintains a list of its needs on Facebook as well as its website. Current requests are for:

  • Ground decaf coffee
  • Fabric steamer
    • Bus tickets
  • Large clear garbage bags
    • Tim Horton’s cards ($5 value each)
    •  Sweatpants, pyjama pants, track pants
  • Juice boxes
    • Men’s jeans (particularly sizes 32, 34, 36, 38)
    •  Underwear for men and women
    •  Long johns

If you have any questions about OTCS needs, please contact Ben, the Shelter Coordinator. He can be reached by email at halifaxwintershelter@gmail.com and by phone at 902-429-6518.

If you missed last Sunday …

Prelude                        Aria in F           Robert Lau

Introit                          Let Thy Clear Light Shine        W.A. Mozart

Reading                       Matthew 5: 38-48

Sermon                        But I Say to You …

Hymns                         Praise, My Soul, the God of Heaven

How Great Thou Art

In the Bulb There is a Flower

Anthem                       Keep Your Lamps        André Thomas

Postlude                      Toccata on Amazing Grace     J. Christopher Pardini

Sunday’s bulletin was sponsored in loving memory of Laura Wellard, in honour of the 106th anniversary of her birth on Feb. 18, by her daughter, Hilary

Meeting Schedule 2017

All meetings are held after the Sunday service. Bring a lunch! Clerk of Session Dr. Dora Stinson encourages everyone involved in these quarterly meetings to note the dates in their calendars.

Kirk Session/Stewards/Official Board Feb. 26, June 4

Executive of Official Board                             Mar. 26, Apr. 23

Worship and Music Committee                      Mar. 19

Potluck Church                                                Wed. Mar. 25, Tue. May 16

Congregational Meeting (budget)                  June 11

In the Community

Bereavement Support — Bereavement counselling is offered every Saturday from 10–11:30 a.m. at the site of Halifax Hospice, 618 Francklyn Street. Anyone is welcome on a drop-in basis; there is no need to sign up. Sessions are peer-led, with counsellors present to help guide discussion as the participants desire. If you are interested in a bereavement support group but cannot attend on Saturday mornings, call the Hospice Society of Greater Halifax at 902-446-0929.




Administrative Stuff

Church office: stmatts@ns.sympatico.ca or  (902) 423-9209

Pastoral care: Rev. Betsy Hogan, (902) 423-9209, stmatts.betsy@ns.sympatico.ca

Sunday Free Breakfast: 8 am – Want to volunteer? Contact carolsmillie@hfx.eastlink.ca

Sunday Worship: 10:30 am

Minister of Music: Wayne Rogers, (902) 429-1680, humber@ns.sympatico.ca

AcabellA Handbell Choir rehearsal: Thursdays, 6–7 pm

St. Matthew’s Choir rehearsal:  Thursdays, 7:30–9 pm

Lunch Bunch Community Choir: Fridays at 12:15 pm

On the web: www.stmatts.ns.ca


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