The Future

St. Matthew’s has not been untouched by the give and take of the church in our age. We seek to move faithfully forward, valuing the gifts and wisdom of those who have gone before while opening ourselves to the energy, experience, and creativity of those to come. This process of celebration and renewal is made possible through the faithful gifts and forbearance of past generations matched with the devoted energy and vision of the present faithful.

Our church is not alone in the world. St. Matthew’s is taking steps, small ones and larger ones, to open its doors and justly serve all of God’s people, as Christ called us to do in the midst of this world. Together we look to the future with excitement and faith – excitement for the new face of the congregation’s worship and outreach, and faith in our God who gives life in both Christ, who gave his life for us, and in Holy Spirit, continuing to guide us into the days ahead.