Proof – Acts 5:27-40

How would you prove to someone that God exists? Have you ever had that conversation with someone? Maybe you’ve had it with yourself. It certainly isn’t a ‘new’ conversation – people have been attempting to prove that God really exists for centuries, sometimes just as an interesting philosophical exercise, sometimes in an effort to convince someone else, sometimes in response to scorn or derision, to justify their own belief. But if you’ve ever HAD that conversation – then you know. It can’t be done. No matter how carefully and rationally you build up layer on layer of logic or evidence or testimony, there is always going to come a point at which those tools no longer serve. Empirical evidence may get you this far – but it’s never going to get you all the way. On the other hand, sometimes even getting PART of the way there can be enough to make us take that final necessary leap PAST the rational and provable, into just believing. And thus arose the three philosophical proofs for God’s existence: cosmological, teleological, and ontological. Some people, for example, would use as their ‘proof’ the astonishing breadth and beauty of creation – if it is here, it must have been made. And so –how else could it have been made unless there was a Maker? That’s called the cosmological proof, in the philosophy of religion. But others find ‘proof’ not in the mere fact of the existence of creation, but in the logic and orderliness of the systems that govern it – the universe is so complex and yet so carefully designed. And so... read more